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PPC campaigns importance in healthcare industry

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is a model that drives traffic to your website by paying for every click on your ads. PPC campaigns have opened up numerous business opportunities in the healthcare industry due to the growing online presence of both patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Today, patients seek additional information about specific diseases or symptoms next to the advice of healthcare practitioners. And online channels help them do so, as they want to take control of their treatment decision with profound details. Additionally, HCPs are also searching for new, advanced treatment solutions and discoveries in their specialised fields. This has made it possible to target both groups through PPC campaigns using different strategies. When running a healthcare PPC campaign, it's essential to consider various factors, such as ad policies, tone of voice, audience behaviour, and more.

For the past decade with our services, our company has been helping clients launch paid search campaigns and supporting their goal of positively impacting the healthcare industry. As a healthcare PPC agency, our medical copywriters, web designers, and medical-focused digital marketers collaborate to create, design and promote engaging ads. With the sole objective to run personalised campaigns and achieve business objectives for our clients.

PPC advertising for healthcare professionals

Traditionally, healthcare providers were contacted by sales representatives through offline means. However, today healthcare professionals (HCPs) are highly active online. To effectively reach HCPs through online channels and convert them into business opportunities, a specialist approach is required. Some common challenges during this process would be; how do you deal with the guidelines that apply to drug promotion? What is the right tone of voice within different groups of HCPs? How to achieve business marketing goals despite restrictions?
Here we have a few described practical tips to overcome these challenges.


Understand search intent

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) have a high level of expertise in their field, but they are also interested in staying informed about new medical treatment solutions, newly available drugs, and networking events to build connections. We leverage their search intent to enhance the visibility of your ads and drive high-quality traffic.


Use a similar tone of voice

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) use a professional and expert tone when describing their search intent. To increase the visibility of your ads, it's recommended to use a similar tone of voice within the ad copy and common keywords used by HCPs. To achieve this, we create personas for each group of HCPs and personalise campaign strategy and content.


Regional specific approach

For the past ten years, we have been running global advertising campaigns in the healthcare sector. During this time, we have witnessed the transition in HCP's customer journeys across various countries. We understand that each country has distinctive persona types, regulations, and search intent. Personalising content and targeting strategies based on persona per region is a compelling factor in running a successful campaign.

PPC advertising for patients

Usually, patients are aware of their medical condition. Their interest is in understanding their treatment symptoms, procedure and additional information from trustworthy sources. With the internet as a source of health-related information, patients turn to online websites for knowledge and support. This online engagement of patients has allowed marketers to reach them online through different channels.
To effectively reach patients online, follow the tips as described.


Identify personas

Creating personas allows you to uncover important information such as demographic details, popular topics, keywords and channels. This knowledge is valuable when running multiple campaigns simultaneously, as it enables you to target the right audience with the right topic and tone of voice.


Think as a patient

It is a good practice to consider how patients locally refer to certain diseases and how they express their symptoms. Understanding and using local terms within the content will help create engaging content resulting in better results.


Competitor analysis

Conducting competitor analysis is crucial for any business. It helps to identify key information such as:
(1) Which content resonates most with the target audience?
(2) Which content and design elements should be avoided?
(3) Which untapped market opportunities are present?
By examining the strategies of your competitors, you can gain valuable insights and improve your own marketing efforts.

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Medical and healthcare PPC service process

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For over 10 years, we have successfully run Google PPC campaigns in more than 40 countries, resulting in thousands of generated leads. Our digital marketing services are tailored to each client and executed precisely according to our client's organisational goal. We strategise, implement and scale campaigns in 6 simple steps described below.

1. Keyword research

When aiming at patients and healthcare professionals, the strategy for keyword research requires a distinction between the two. Healthcare practitioners have expert knowledge, so they look for topics that are not basic but involve precise and expansive detail; as a result, their keywords tend toward longer phrases.

On the other hand, patients want to be empowered with complete knowledge of specific diseases to make thoughtful decisions. They want to know more about their disease symptoms, treatments procedure, side effects and other related topics. Generally, patients use middle-chunk & long tail keywords.

2. Campaigns and ad groups

Our healthcare PPC specialists create multiple campaigns and their specific ad groups based on personas, company goals, & customer journeys. The difference between campaign and ad groups is that paid search campaigns are at a higher hierarchy and consist of one or more ad groups.

In contrast, an ad group is a collection of ads that share similar keywords and bids. The campaign settings for an ad group determine the overall goal and budget, while the ad group settings determine how the ads will be targeted and delivered.

3. Think strategically

It is essential to have a complete overview of keywords and paid search campaigns with their ad groups. It helps to know if the digital marketing strategy aligns with our client's goals & objectives.

The components considered for PPC management are the total budget, cost per target keyword, competition approach, and untapped market needs. Focusing on each component helps in delivering a tailored market solution.

4. Medical Copywriting

Our medical copywriters are skilled in creating personalised, attractive and engaging content for an audience with specific persona attributes. It helps ads stand out and increases click-through rates.

5. Automated dashboard reporting

We use an automated KPI dashboard to track the progress of your digital marketing campaigns. It provides an overview of all KPIs from different sources (Google ads, Google analytics, email automation tools & more) and helps understand the campaign performance. The data is compared with closely related KPIs and described with visualisation charts to better comprehend the areas of improvement.

6. Optimisation

Ongoing optimisation is vital to sustaining the positive results of your healthcare PPC campaign. The medical industry is dynamic, which means user behaviour is changing continuously. Therefore, optimising the campaigns based on multiple factors affecting ad performance is a must to get the most out of the budget.

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