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What is medical copywriting about?

Having trouble convincing your target audience with medically accurate and activating content? We can help you!

Copywriting can be very time-consuming for a marketing manager and all other stakeholders, especially in healthcare.

The content should not only persuade the target group, but it should also be validated, accurate, and comply with international standards.

The benefits of hiring a medical copywriter

Hiring a medical copywriter brings several benefits to your content creation. With their expertise in medical topics and understanding of target audience preferences, these copywriters can engage your audience with compelling, easy-to-understand writing. They are well-versed in the language, tone, and rules & regulations applicable to healthcare professionals and patients.

Medical copywriters have the ability to translate complex information into relatable content that aligns with your marketing campaigns, digital strategy, content strategy, and other goals. They keep your content personalised and relevant to your audience's needs.

By working with a medical copywriter, you'll be positioning your brand as a thought leader in your industry. With high-quality content that promotes your medical devices, products, and healthcare services, you'll attract and retain your ideal target audience.

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Our medical copywriting services

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Each of our digital marketing services is designed to elevate your Life Science and healthcare brand by providing personalised, engaging, and informative copywriting services.

We create compelling content tailored to meet your target audience's unique needs, and ensure that our copy aligns with your overall marketing goals. With a focus on quality and impact, we work tirelessly to help you stand out from the crowd and attract the right people to your brand. Whether you need a copy to boost your social media presence or to enhance your website's content, our team of experienced healthcare copywriters has got you covered.

Medical copywriting attracting patients

Connecting to patients with copywriting needs a different approach compared to content meant for a professional. A healthcare copywriter should remember that the content needs to be written in laymen's language. Most patients will not understand the medical jargon. Instead, they are looking for easy-to-read content.

Another issue is that your content should be engaging enough. According to research, there are five different types of interactions where patients are looking for. There is an overview in the image.

The interactions differ in generativity and type of control. Generativity means giving them something to think about and leaving something for the next generation. The most valuable interactions have high generativity and a high type of control. This means you control the messaging and create something useful for your audience.

Medical copywriting attracting healthcare professionals

A professional is looking for the latest news and publications in their field. The information presented should be more than just persuasive. It should be up to the professional standards in a particular therapeutical or disease area. This includes specialisation-specific language.

The subjects a professional is looking for on social media are rare clinical cases, updates on recent publications, and breaking scientific news. Other reasons why professionals use social media are described in the image.

Another approach to effectively reach and engage doctors is to offer them something that assists them in daily practice. They have less time to talk to patients than ever before. Effective healthcare copywriting is also about assisting your ideal clients. For instance, by creating content for your website or social media channel that helps doctors explain complex topics to their patients.

Writing fresh content is not enough. You need to distribute your message using the right channels. Professionals use LinkedIn (60.8%), Twitter (55.1%), and YouTube (28.3%) the most.

How we do it

We have years of experience developing and executing content strategies for websites, social media channels, and other marketing assets like whitepaper/infographics. We also advise you about content themes, buyer personas, and more. Therefore, We have created a particular way of working to ensure you get the maximum out of our services.

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