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Why do you need a healthcare marketing consultant?

Google receives around 70000 health-related searches every minute. In the Life Science and Healthcare industry, we believe that a well-strategised digital approach is key to achieving your marketing goals and attracting and engaging your target audience. A pragmatic approach based on your business solutions and continuous market evolvement is essential to your digital marketing success.

As experts in the LSH sector, we have seen the market evolution over the last ten years We can help you develop a bespoke market strategy to achieve your business marketing goals. By working together, we will understand your unique strengths and market opportunities to deliver an actionable step-by-step plan.

The Future of Life Science and Healthcare Marketing: Navigating the Top Trends of 2023

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Patients and healthcare professionals are more digitally connected than ever. This digitalisation has opened business opportunities for LSH companies but, simultaneously, brought the challenge of shifting their existing digital strategy. Changes in the target audience’s online channel engagement, information needs and other persona attributes, the market strategy must be adjusted to achieve optimum results. If you are facing challenges with your business approach, we can help you with our marketing consulting services and other services.

Global campaign management

We understand that one of the biggest challenges of running a global campaign is making a segmentation based on your personas in each country. Characteristics differ per country, so therefore a strategy can not be applied in all countries.

Our medical and healthcare marketing consultants can help you build personas, channel selection, channel strategy development (omnichannel, single channel) and consult on copywriting and visual elements.

Our years of experience running global campaigns make us capable of developing the best strategy that fits your needs, challenges and objectives.

Content marketing strategy

Content marketing stands for strategically creating, publishing, and promoting content targeted to a specific audience to attract, engage and generate leads. Content marketing might come in multiple formats, like blogs, newsletters, videos or emails.

If done it correctly, several results can be expected from this practice, such as increased conversions, brand awareness and the creation of a loyal customer base. According to Hubspot, a website frequently posting blogs receives 13x more ROI than those that don’t.

We can help you create the right content alongside each step of the customer journey and persona attributes. Our focus is on understanding the need of your target audience, as each stage of the customer funnel will require the use of different content and channels. For example, in the awareness and consideration phases, content should be simple and educational. Later, during the closing stages, the focus should be on more detailed and product-focus content. Exposing the target audience to the right content through the right channel will help obtain conversions.

HCPs & patients awareness campaign

During the first steps of the customer journey, in the unaware and discovery phases, LSH companies must start engaging with their target audiences, HCPs or patients, by using awareness campaigns. Such campaigns aim to indirectly create awareness about a (new) treatment or medicine. There are numerous options for setting up an awareness campaign. In most cases, as we know from experience, a platform is central. Here all the information is gathered, and it will be linked to other online channels. Social media is often the principal traffic source for such a platform.

HCP Lead generation

If your focus is on generating leads coming from HCPs, an inbound marketing strategy can help you get your objective. SEO and PPC traffic can attract physicians and engage them when the right content is displayed, maybe converting it to a lead. What is the importance of inbound marketing in lead generation? These campaigns provide the target audience with the required information following the different needs depending on the customer journey stage.

Therefore, these campaigns must start with a holistic view of the customer journey and persona attributes. If you need support generating HCP leads, we can help you with our step-by-step approach to building tailored strategies for your business.

Complete digital marketing strategy

Not sure where to begin your marketing strategy? We know that every company’s marketing strategy is different. Therefore, our data-driven strategy with a pragmatic approach according to the business goals has helped our clients improve business results, and we continue to do so.

We study your brand positioning, propositions, competitors and describe your target audience personas. It helps develop a framework and detailed steps for a compelling digital communication strategy with your target audience.

Our process to develop your marketing strategy

We have categorised the process of crafting your business marketing strategy into five simple steps. Each step is crucial to success, and we do this with collaborative input from you and our team of experts.

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We thrive on success & innovation in the LSH industry. And with our client's business success, we aim to achieve it.

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