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We are Medical Digitals: a full-service online marketing agency for the Life Science & Healthcare sector. Our company is based in Amsterdam: home of the largest Life Sciences ecosystem in Europe.

Bring Your Target Audience Closer

Since 2010, we have been working on innovative global campaigns that make a difference. Driven by our mission to positively impact the world’s health, we partner with companies in the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector, aiming to accelerate HCPs' and patients' access to innovative products and services.

Our Core Values At Medical Digitals

Digitalisation In Life Sciences And Health

We have watched the evolution of the use of digital marketing in the Life Science and Healthcare sector in the last few years. Nowadays, both patients and healthcare professionals are active online users, used to obtain information through multiple online sources (social media, search engines, podcasts, etc.). Their online engagement has opened numerous opportunities for companies to reach them and explore business opportunities, but for which they will need an expert approach.

Our mission is to have a positive impact on people's health. We do this by collaborating with companies from the LSH sector and making innovative products and services accessible to healthcare professionals and patients.

  • 12 Years
    Experience in the industry
  • 30+ countries
    Digital campaign execution

Our Bespoke Services At Medical Digitals

Driven by our love for online marketing and the desire to make the world a healthier place, we develop and implement valuable digital marketing strategies for Life Sciences & Healthcare companies.

HCP Marketing

  • Lead generation<Lead generation

  • Medical Education Promotion<Medical Education Promotion

  • HCP Portal Development<HCP Portal Development

Patient Marketing

  • Disease awareness<Disease awareness

  • Community building<Community building

  • Product launch<Product launch

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