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Online Marketing Experts in Life Sciences & Health

We are Medical Digitals: a full-service online marketing agency for the Pharma & Health sector. Our company is based in Amsterdam: home of the largest Life Sciences ecosystem in Europe. We’re operating for clients worldwide on campaigns in all regions of the world. We have been working on innovative campaigns that make a difference since 2010. Driven by our love for online marketing and the desire to make the world a healthier place, we develop and implement valuable digital marketing strategies for Pharma & Health. This enables us to shorten the distance between medical companies, healthcare professionals and patients.


We are:

data driven.

We do everything based on data. This helps us set achievable goals and choose the right online channels. Data is therefore the basis for our online marketing strategies. In an ongoing campaign, data is the compass to send us in the right direction. Obviously, feeling is an important factor, but above all we are data driven.

informal professionals.

For us, professionalism is one of our main priorities. Naturally, because that’s what clients expect from a digital agency. However, our added value comes from our informal character. We believe that low-threshold contact is helpful in what can sometimes be a rigid medical world. For example, you can text us if sending an e-mail isn’t convenient. And have you got a question outside office hours? Then our phone line is always directed to one of our mobile numbers. So, no being sent from pillar to post. You’ll always receive an immediate answer to your question.

young and experienced.

We grew up in a digital world. Online is second nature to us. We therefore have a contemporary approach for online issues. Most of us started work at Medical Digitals immediately after our marketing studies. Here we completed an internal academy and acquired years of experience for clients in the sector. So, we are both young and experienced.

like a family.

We’re more than colleagues. Just like a family, we like to help each other. Every day we work hard to achieve our goals. And if we’re successful? Then the whole team goes away for a weekend. During that trip, we have meetings during the day about serious things. What’s gone well and what could we improve? And what are the goals for the next quarter? In the evening, we close our laptops and notebooks and choose a good restaurant where we raise a toast to success!

Digitisation in Life Sciences & Health

Since 2010, we’ve watched the online landscape in Life Sciences & Health change. Both patients and healthcare professionals increasingly use the Internet for medical information. A patient might browse online to prepare for a doctor’s appointment. At the same time, HCPs go online to meet in LinkedIn groups or do webinars in their specialisation. At Medical Digitals, we help Life Sciences & Health organisations respond to this trend.

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