Medical Writing a Digital Strategy in Life Science & Health

Content must be attractive and add value to the target audience in order to create an impact. This is true for every sector, including in the Life Science and Healthcare field. Since Healthcare Professionals do not have an endless amount of time and are overwhelmed by information, medical advertising needs to be clear and precise.

Why medical writing for marketing purposes?

Medical copywriting provides informative medical content to Healthcare Professionals in a snackable way, which seems essential for digital marketing in the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector. It is the most effective way to increase the interaction with your organisation, product or treatment. Information can be transferred to HCPs according to the different customer journey phases while maintaining accuracy on the medical content. The goal can be from creating awareness about a new product or medical indications to encouraging HCPs to take a certain action. This can be anything from downloading, creating an account, signing up for a newsletter, requesting a brochure or registering for a webinar.

The content should always be relevant and up to date to be sustainable. Moreover, being accurate with the concepts and the topics also contributes to findability in search engines as well as improving the online image of an organisation or product.

Medical content for healthcare professionals

Medical content for HCPs can be shared through different channels. For instance, through (approved) e-mail, a private LinkedIn group, a downloadable whitepaper, or a gated website. The latter is also known as a professional platform, where HCPs can sign-up with their BIG registration number. In case the content is published on public websites, favourable for the Google search position, the laws and regulations around the promotion of medication and treatment must be considered.

Medical content for patients

Medical content written for patients and their families can be published on a gated patient platform. Here, the patient can log in with a password provided by the doctor or the corresponding LSH company. Medical content about treatment options can also be published on a public website. Laws and regulations around promoting medication and treatment also apply to a public platform. This content will always be objective and descriptive.

Style and storytelling

Style and composition of the content are key. The tone of voice needs to align with the client’s communications while keeping good readability and interest for the audience. Medical content should be informative and reliable, engaging with the reader and encouraging him or her to take an action. Storytelling is a powerful tool to convey a message. Important information is communicated by guiding the audience through an exciting story or examples of previous experiences.

What characterises a good medical copywriter?

Writing content for HCPs requires a special medical background. This is the only way a copywriter can develop content that meets the information needs of the HCP. The challenge for pharma and medical device marketers is that distributed content is stimulating and at the right medical level.

A competent medical copywriter knows the latest developments, is able to perform research and finds reliable scientific sources required for content creation. They understand scientific and technical information and know how to convert it into good, catchy medical content. The collected resources are processed and referenced appropriately. The content will be developed according to what is required for the chosen channels and will be aligned with the campaign and the project’s end goal.

Why choose Medical Digitals for medical writing?

At Medical Digitals we combine the expertise of our online marketers (experienced in Life Science & Healthcare field) with the expertise of copywriters with a medical background. The latter will create the piece based on the research previously performed. During these last years, we have covered several therapeutic areas, such as oncology, virology, cardiology, and rare diseases. Afterwards, the online marketers will adjust the text if needed, improving the flow, tone of voice, length and optimise it for search engines if needed. This way of working ensures that the final piece has relevant content and can engage the target audience.

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