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Medical writing

Medical advertising and fast ad agencies seem far apart. That does not mean that pharmaceutical companies do not want to bring their products or treatments to the attention of a target audience. Even in medical advertising it is important that the content you offer is attractive and really adds value. Especially since healthcare professionals do not have an endless amount of time and are overwhelmed by information. Hence, medical advertising is not that different from fast advertising. 

Medical copywriting is providing informative medical content to healthcare professionals in a snackable way. The information could be anything, from new developments within a specific specialism to detailed information about an indication or treatment. The goal of providing this information is to answer to the information need of the HCP. This is the most effective way to increase the interaction with your organization, product or treatment by encouraging healthcare professionals to take a certain action. An action is anything like a download, creating an account, sign-up to a newsletter, requesting a brochure or registering for a webinar.

Why medical writing?

Medical content is an essential part of digital marketing in the Life, Sciences & Health sector. Information can be transferred to HCPs in different phases of the customer journey by offering and maintaining medical content. 

The content also contributes to findability in search engines such as Google and the online image of an organization or product on a website or through social media. An HCP is informed by the content and can make a decision about prescribing the treatment or not. The information can also initiate an online or offline conversation between HCPs. If the content is relevant and up to date it is sustainable.

A unique combination of medical knowledge and marketing

Writing content for HCPs requires a specialistic medical background. This is the only way a copywriter is able to develop content that meets the information need of the HCP. 

The challenge for pharma and medical device marketers is that distributed content is stimulating and at the right medical level. A non-medical content marketing agency is unable to write this type of content in a way that appeals to the HCP and truly adds value. This is simply because the content marketers who work there do not have the medical knowledge to meet the knowledge requirements.

A medical writer has specialistic medical and marketing knowledge to write the necessary content. Medical Digitals employs medical copywriters with different and specific medical specialties. In addition, they are trained internally in marketing technical writing. This enables them to create effective content around (sometimes heavy) medical topics.

Seven common mistakes in medical content creation in the LSH sector

What characterizes a good medical copywriter?

A competent medical copywriter is aware of the latest developments in a specific area. And is able to perform research and knows how to find reliable scientific sources required for content creation. They understand scientific and sometimes technical information and know how to convert it into good, catchy, medical content. The collected resources are processed and referenced appropriately. Another skill is that they need to link the developed story with the intended purpose of the content. This means the story should be aligned with the end goal of the pharmaceutical or medical company.

Medical content for healthcare professionals

Medical content for HCPs can be shared through different channels. For instance through (approved) e-mail, a private LinkedIn group, a downloadable whitepaper or gated website. A gated website is also known as a professional platform. The HCP is able to sign-up for the gated website with a BIG-registration number. The content can be written and published on public websites with the aim to improve the Google search position. In that case, the laws and regulations around promotion of medication and treatment must be taken into account.

Medical content for patients

Medical content can also be written for patients and their families. The content can be published on a gated patient platform, where the patient can log in with a password provided by the pharmaceutical company. Medical content about treatment options can also be published on a public website. Laws and regulations around the promotion of medication and treatment also apply to a public platform. This content will always be objective and must describe different treatment methods. In the case of product information, it can only contain a product information leaflet.

Medical content for different online channels and resources

A good medical writer can develop medical content for different channels and resources. Think of:

  • Website texts, 
  • Blogs, 
  • Whitepapers,
  • Webinars, 
  • Video (YouTube),
  • Brochures,
  • Social media messaging for: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat), 
  • knowledge platforms,
  • Newsletters, 
  • Marketing (approved) email.

Style and storytelling

Next to the composition of the content the style is also very important. The content must be written in a consistent style that is in line with the client and the message. It also must have an attractive tone of voice, because it improves readability. The content must convey the message and should not be too brief but also not too extensive. It should be informative and reliable, but at the same time engaging the reader and encouraging them to take a certain action.

Storytelling is a powerful tool to get the message across and to make content stick to the reader. Important information is communicated by guiding them through an interesting story. Using success stories and practical experiences of healthcare professionals are examples of medical storytelling.


Medical Digitals also employs copywriters. A copywriter is literally a copywriter, but we mean a specific type of writer: someone that delivers texts that (directly or indirectly) promote something. Copywriters do not have a medical background, but they have extensive experience at Medical Digitals with content creation for HCP and patient target audiences. They often collaborate with the medical writer. The copywriter adjusts the text delivered by the medical writer. For instance by adding subheaders and a logical flow and adjusting the tone of voice and length. After which the text is even more readable and attractive to the target audience. The copywriter has a lot of attention to textual details and is looking into how to convey facts into a commercial message.

Why Medical Digitals for medical writing?

Content is key is a frequently heard term. This also applies to the pharmaceutical and medical sector. Medical target audiences often have a specific need for medical content. Developing that content as a marketer is not easy. At Medical Digitals we employ several in-house medical writers with different medical backgrounds, both (specialistic) doctors and biomedical scientists. This allows us to develop content in different therapeutic areas. For example oncology, HIV, dermatology, diabetes, Cardiology, rare diseases, IBD, pulmonology and many other TAs.

We are able to offer the combination of medical writing and experienced copywriters/content marketers with experience in the Life Sciences and Health sector. They are the final editors. Based on our experience this is a very effective method. We also developed a lot of experience in medical writing. We know what works and what does not. This allows us to properly guide our clients in this process. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities.

Our way of working

Prior to content creation a content strategy is developed by a strategist from Medical Digitals. To construct the strategy the target audience is researched. This provides insights into personas, information needs and available and to be developed content. The style and tone of voice are also described. A writing plan is developed for each content item right after. A medical writer with the right specialism is selected when the writing plan is approved. The writing process starts here. Final editing takes place after writing by a content marketer or copywriter. The content item is then submitted to the client for approval. Our people have completed a Veeva Vault PromoMats course and can put the content directly into the approval flow. Once approved, the content can also be posted online and shared across different channels.

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