Why social media monitoring is particularly important in healthcare

Through online and social media monitoring an online marketer can discover where his target group resides online and what subjects keep her busy. This information could be very relevant, because through this the content production can be optimized. In health care the monitoring of the online behavior of different target groups could also be interesting. Patients talk online about their medical conditions, treatments, afflictions and medication in large numbers. This they do at different times through different channels. Health care institutions, pharmaceutical companies and medical producers can enhance their online presence by responding to this behavior. By ‘listening’ better they can discover the need for information of their target groups and adjust the production of content as they see fit.

12 March, 2020

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Why YouTube has to be included in the online marketing plan of healthcare service providers

YouTube is, with 7,5 million users in the Netherlands, third place of most used social media channels. Partly by its many users the fast growing channel is, after Google, the largest search engine. For healthcare service providers YouTube is an effective channel to deploy. Especially now that the empowered patient has an increasing need for better information, it is very important to have a strong online presence on different channels and offer relevant information. In this article I will delve into the possibilities YouTube offers.

11 March, 2020

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SEA for the pharma marketer

Search engine advertising (SEA) is a form of paid advertising in search engines. Paid ads achieve the highest position in Google and can be identified by the green cube that says ‘Adv.’ SEA can be very handy if you want to enhance the online presence of your brand or product. This marketing technique is already used by many companies in different industries, but what is it that makes it so special for marketers in the pharmaceutical industry?

10 March, 2020

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