What is the difference between a single, omni and multichannel strategy within Life Sciences & Health?

The increasing digitization is causing a great deal of change within the Life Sciences & Health sector. Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are offered information in a variety of ways and have a multitude of informative sources to consult. The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating digitization enormously, as representatives of Life Sciences & Health companies are more limited in visiting their target groups. These changes cause an increase in the use of digital channels for marketing and sales purposes. In addition to the "offline" sales representatives, there are currently "digital sales forces" who contact HCPs through social media, online magazines, search engines and other channels. The use of different channels is also called a multichannel strategy. This is the successor to the single channel strategy. In recent years, many Life Sciences & Health organizations have taken the first steps towards an omnichannel strategy. You can read about the meaning of these three strategies and their main differences and similarities are in this blog.

04 November, 2020

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Patient engagement at the time of COVID-19: why is it important?

According to experts, there is a real chance that a COVID-19 vaccine will be ready in early 2021. As a result, we may be on the eve of the largest patient engagement campaign ever. A substantial part of the population has doubts about the usefulness, effectiveness and safety of a possible COVID-19 vaccine. This is problematic, because vaccination only works if a large part of the population is vaccinated. Although resistance to vaccination is timeless, the future COVID-19 vaccine is under extra magnification. It is therefore very important that governments of countries all over the world create support for the vaccine. Patient engagement will play a major role in this.

23 October, 2020

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HCP Lead Generation: 5 questions to our Director Jesse Gosse

Jesse Gosse is the Director of Medical Digitals. In addition to many other tasks, he and his team work on inbound marketing strategies for companies within Life Sciences & Health (LSH) on a daily basis. In this blog, we ask Jesse 5 questions about his vision on inbound marketing and lead generation.

22 September, 2020

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Reach patients via social media? Not without a webcare and AE protocol!

An important success factor in a social media campaign for patients is a clear, extensive and well-deployed webcare and adverse events protocol (AE protocol).

15 July, 2020

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A business page on social media? Create a clear and effective strategy.

The success of a business page on social media depends, among other things, on creating a concise, effective strategy. In addition to formulating objectives and choosing the right social media channel, there are other elements that are important in a social media strategy. Read more about these elements in this blog.

03 June, 2020

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