The optimal HCP portal: a strategy to increase your reach and interact with HCPs.

The focus of the Life Sciences & Health industry on digital communication is increasing rapidly. In the last 10+ years, various websites, platforms and other tools have been implemented to reach and support target audiences. Varying from product information for HCPs, supporting materials for patients to Medical Education and support vehicles. However, these channels are often created as standalone projects. Resulting in a maze of different sources. Each with different information aimed at the same target audience. Not exactly an ideal situation. Therefore, it makes sense that more and more companies are aiming to organize this better through one central HCP portal.

03 May, 2022

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Medical Writing in 10 steps

At Medical Digitals we work with an elaborate team of in-house medical writers. Every medical writer has their own specialty and extensive experience in content creations for clients in the Life Sciences & Health sector. Our team of medical writers develops content for international clients in LSH sectors such as: pharmaceutical companies, CROs, healthcare institutions, Med-Tech companies, and players in the Bio-Sciences. The creation of content for marketing in the LHS sector requires the right approach. The content needs to be medically accurate and comply with the regulations and approval processes of those companies. In this article, we describe the process of creating medical content as we apply it in practice. Do you want to know more about the application of medical content? See our Medical Writing webpage!

19 April, 2022

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How do you effectively follow up on your lead magnets?

When you use lead magnets, you obviously do this with a purpose. The goal is often to generate new business. Contact details are collected and sales can follow up on leads. The way you follow up on leads determines the conversion. Leads generated through a lead magnet are not 'sales qualified' yet. This is the case if there is an interest in your product/service. Leads are first ‘marketing qualified’. This means that the lead is interested in the topic and might be interested in related ones. These leads therefore have to be cultivated to make them sales qualified.

06 April, 2022

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How do you start inbound marketing in the Pharma and Health sector?

Inbound marketing is a marketing philosophy that puts the customer at the center of the buying process. This is an opposite approach of many organizations that take their product or organization as the focal point when interacting with their target audience. As experts in the Pharma and Health sector, we see this happen often. In fact, many pharma companies have a product strategy, through which they want to convince HCPs or patients of the benefits of their product and/or treatment method. Although inbound marketing can serve the same purpose, the approach is quite different. With in bound marketing you make sure that your target audience comes to you instead of the other way around.  You do this by providing added value in the form of relevant content. In an inbound marketing strategy, the target audience is supported with relevant content in all phases of the customer journey. You can probably imagine that a healthcare professional at the beginning of their journey needs different content than at the end of their journey. There it is important when applying inbound marketing to research the information needs of the target group. Then, capitalize on this by offering exactly the right content and information at the right time.

24 August, 2021

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HCPs as ambassadors of your product or treatment

On the internet, there is a tremendous amount of information available. This is relevant with regard to healthcare professionals (HCPs). Realizing an optimal customer experience is essential to grasp the attention of the healthcare professional within the large amount of available online information. A well-defined customer journey and persona are necessary for this. This way, you offer your target group the right message at the right time, via the right channel. In this blog you will read about the power of the customer journey in combination with the inbound marketing methodology.

09 April, 2021

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