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Website Development

What is Website Development?

A website is usually the central point within your online marketing activities. This means that if you want to make professional use of online marketing, a lot of time and attention must be devoted to it. A possible solution is to get started yourself, but because of the expertise required for a high-quality website, it is wise to work with experts. At Medical Digitals we create various website platforms for both HCPs and patients. Below we show which types of websites we develop. Feel free to contact us to solve your digital challenges.

Examples of Website Solution

  • Clinical disease websites

as a philosophy rather than a marketing tool. If you want to get started with inbound marketing, then all those involved must have feeling for the philosophy of thinking from the perspective of the target groups’ information needs. Everything should revolve around providing relevant content for the patient, the healthcare professional or the corporate target group. Only if everyone in the marketing department is on the same page will inbound marketing be effective.

  • Websites with HCP login

There are various ways to reach HCPs via website platforms. For example, we make websites with a closed section for HCPs. This section of the platform contains medical content about the relevant disease. Incidentally, we also make platforms on which the HCP content is public, so not requiring a login. In these cases, however, we ask the visitor to indicate whether they are a care professional or not.

  • Landing pages for continued training, webinars, online events

We regularly develop independent web pages to promote continued training, for example. This works as follows: through channels like LinkedIn and mailings, we send short, attractive articles about continued training on behalf of our client. These messages contain a link which the HCP can click to reach a landing page. Such a page is dedicated to generating enrolments to continued training courses.

  • Product websites or product-specific pages within own domain

We are also experienced in creating product websites and product pages. These might include websites and pages which have their own visual style and perhaps functions to promote products.

  • Corporate websites

Many corporate websites of Life Sciences & Health organisations are outdated. We still see non-responsive websites, non-user-friendly tools and dead links. Many web designs are also very old fashioned. We understand that many local corporate websites are bound to rules from the global organisation. That makes it an interesting challenge for us to update and modernise an old corporate website. There are often more options than you think. A while ago, we wrote an analysis blog about 5 corporate websites of pharmacists.


Need help with Website Development?

We are engaged in the development and optimization of various websites on a daily basis. This can be a platform for healthcare professionals, but also a corporate website of a major pharmaceutical company. Our team of designers, developers and content marketers is ready to find suitable solutions for your challenges. Curious how we work exactly? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!