Reach patients via social media? Not without a webcare and AE protocol!

An important success factor in a social media campaign for patients is a clear, extensive and well-deployed webcare and adverse events protocol (AE protocol).


A protocol is a document that describes how to act in certain situations. It guarantees that everything in these situations will go according to the agreed rules.

For example, a webcare and AE protocol within Life Sciences & Health addresses how to respond to comments on a company’s social media channels in the Life Sciences & Health sector. How should a community manager report an AE, for example? What information does the AE department need? And how should be reacted on comments within a patient community?

By applying a clear protocol, it is clear to everyone within the organisation and any external party (such as an online marketing agency) what their roles are in certain situations. This way, a Life Sciences & Health organisation can gain control over its social media channels and thereby control its reputation. The webcare and AE protocol includes the following components:

Rules and regulations

The rules and regulations describe exactly what the organisation regards as appropriate behaviour of employees or external forces who manage the community. This could include limiting the expression of opinions or drawing conclusions too quickly, but also the degree of formality and personality in communication.

Roles and responsibilities

Specific tasks are subdivided in the section “Roles and responsibilities”. For example, who answers to responses, who posts the new content, who forwards the AE mentions and who provides feedback on the proposed responses? When everyone knows what to do, tasks can be taken up quickly.


Interested in more about the AE protocol? We can tell you more about it one-on-one and provide specific information. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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