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Product launch

Product launch in the LSH sector

A product launch within Life Sciences & Health requires a different approach than a product launch in the “regular” B2B or B2C market. An HCP target group usually gets used to a certain product or treatment. This can make it difficult to convince it of something new. It is therefore essential to help the target group through every phase of the decision process with a specific strategy. Only in this way can a product launch be successful.

The flow: from awareness to conversion

When a new product or treatment is launched, usually nobody in your target group knows about this. The first step is therefore creating awareness. This can be done in various ways. Think of advertisements on LinkedIn and Twitter, a relevant article on a platform the target group regularly visits, or direct e-mailing. From those channels you can lead the target group to a landing page that has been specially developed for the launch. This can be a public web page with information that may be communicated before a login. From there you can start steering on conversions, e.g. a login to a treatment portal, a request for a brochure, a download of a whitepaper, etc.

Landing page

The most important and most challenging link in the flow described above is the landing page. This is the place where you should convert a new visitor into a lead. How do you organize the page in such a way that someone from your target group is convinced to leave their contact details in exchange for a lead magnet? Which content are you going to share? Is all public information within guidelines? These are questions that require careful consideration and the right knowledge and expertise. Designers and web developers as well as online copywriters and medical writers are involved in the development of a landing page. Make sure you get the right people together to create the most effective landing page possible.