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Omnichannel Integration

Single, multi-channel and omnichannel marketing

The use of multiple channels is also called a multichannel strategy. This is the successor to the single channel strategy. In recent years, many Life Sciences & Health organizations have taken the first steps towards an omnichannel strategy. You can read below what these three strategies entail exactly and what the main differences and similarities are.

  • Single channel strategy
    A single channel approach is a (pre-internet) strategy aimed at communicating with the target group via only one channel.
  • Multichannel strategy
    In a multichannel strategy, the approach to the target group goes through different channels that are usually not coordinated with each other. There is often a discrepancy between the message, pricing, brand experience and information. Moreover, there is no data exchange between the different responsible teams and channels.
  • Omnichannel strategy
    In an omnichannel strategy for Life Sciences & Health, just like in a multichannel strategy, multiple channels are used to achieve a specific objective. The difference with a multichannel strategy exists in four aspects:

    1. The target group and its information needs are central throughout the customer journey.
    2. There is a synchronized brand experience and message for all channels.
    3. The different forms of content are geared to one another.
    4. In principle, one universal information source (instrument) is used for all channels.

What can omnichannel strategy mean within Life Sciences & Health?

A good omnichannel strategy is designed in such a way that channels reinforce each other. For example, an HCP that has recently been contacted via a representative can be approached with an automatic e-mail flow with additional information. After the HCP has opened the email (s), he or she can be targeted with relevant white papers. In this way the HCP will flow deeper into the funnel to eventually take the desired action.

In addition, an omnichannel approach is very interesting for corporate communication / digital PR. It radiates professionalism when all communications on corporate online channels are coordinated and reinforce each other. In this way you create the ultimate brand feeling for corporate target groups like general public, investors, existing and new personnel. In short: a well-designed omnichannel strategy has many advantages, perhaps especially for companies within Life Sciences & Health.