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Medical education

Digital transition within Life Sciences & Health

As more and more communication between sales reps of pharmaceuticals and HCPs is digital, it is more important than ever for an LSH company to stand out online. It is up to pharmaceutical companies to distinguish themselves with the content they offer. Consider online training courses, for example. How do you ensure that these are seen by the right people?

Thought leadership

To claim or strengthen the position of a thought leader, it is important to be seen as an authority within a particular market. Ideally, the words “online refresher courses” immediately bring your company to a doctor’s mind. You can achieve this by being the first company to present important news, producing high-quality content and offering the best (online) training courses. As a company, you are only a thought leader if you are the best in all areas and radiate this. A good provision of (online) in-service training contributes to this.

Promotion options

There are many ways to promote an (online) training online. Think of LinkedIn advertising, Twitter advertising, landing pages, native platforms, etcetera. In order to tackle the promotion as effectively as possible, we recommend that you work from an “omnichannel approach”. In short, this means: the use of multiple (online) channels that function well independently and reinforce each other at the same time. It is important that all channels convey the same message and are designed and written in the same style. For example, you could make a teaser video for the promotion of an online training course, which explains what is covered in the training. You can share this video via mailings, LinkedIn, Twitter and a native platform. By publishing all content in the same style, you ensure an unambiguous message to the target group, which will promote the number of conversions.