Inbound marketing: four reasons why pharma uses Hubspot

The number of online interactions between pharma representatives and healthcare professionals has skyrocketed due to the pandemic. HCPs are increasingly ‘digitally native’ and they expect pharma companies to go along with this. In order to keep the contact moments with the target group valuable and to strengthen the bond with the target group, more and more pharmaceutical companies are opting for inbound marketing. Automating marketing activities plays an essential role within inbound marketing. There are various tools available for this. At Medical Digitals, we work with Hubspot because this tool offers an all-in-one solution.

Share the right information with every target group

With Hubspot you can provide the target group with relevant content in a personal way and at the right time. There are many different healthcare professionals who all have different information needs. An experienced specialist may need extensive information about new studies in the form of a whitepaper. At the same time, a nurse specialist may need brief, clear information with the most important spearheads from several studies. Optimally setting up Hubspot ensures that you can provide every target group with the right content, in the right form and at the right time.

Determine the value of each interaction

Hubspot makes it possible to assign a certain score to each interaction with the target group. This is called lead scoring. The idea behind lead scoring is that all interactions within a customer journey represent a positive or negative value that influences the lead score. This value is then linked to the marketing and sales funnel in which a lead is located. You can also give existing leads an (estimated) lead score, so that you know where they are in the funnel. Good lead scoring is essential to keep track of the flow of the leads through the journeys. By using lead scoring, you know exactly when a lead should be contacted by the sales team. Hubspot helps you keep track of lead scores, make suggestions, and optimize the content items.

Hubspot provides better quality leads

With Hubspot, every interaction with your target audience is valuable. As a pharma company, this strengthens the relationship with, for example, HCPs. An HCP will have the feeling that his information needs are being met. For many sales and marketing managers, the Hubspot integration is a nice addition to their marketing tools. The tool keeps track of exactly which interactions have taken place. This allows you to map out exactly which topics, information and content the HCP finds interesting. This makes it possible to create content that matches the target group even better. Ultimately, it is also easier to direct a sales conversation, which increases the chance of achieving set goals.

Easy integration and linking with systems

Integrating Hubspot is not difficult. The integration starts with the application of a master tag on the website and links with, for example, social media channels. You can then immediately start building campaigns or creating special landing pages. In addition, Hubspot has connections with many systems, such as Salesforce, Veeva Vault, Pipedrive and other software that are used by many pharma companies. Hubspot ensures that these systems interact and reinforce each other.

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