How do you effectively follow up on your lead magnets?

When you use lead magnets, you obviously do this with a purpose. The goal is often to generate new business. Contact details are collected and sales can follow up on leads. The way you follow up on leads determines the conversion.

Leads generated through a lead magnet are not ‘sales qualified’ yet. This is the case if there is an interest in your product/service. Leads are first ‘marketing qualified’. This means that the lead is interested in the topic and might be interested in related ones. These leads therefore have to be cultivated to make them sales qualified.

Why is lead nurturing important?

Cultivation of leads is called lead nurturing. With relevant follow-up activities / messages, the lead becomes familiar with your organization and services. The person is more interested in receiving information about your organization and product/service after a few touch points and when this is done properly. If you skip this process, it will likely ruin the effort you put into the lead magnet. Therefore, marketing is responsible first before giving sales approval to reach out.

What is the purpose of a lead magnet?

The first goal when using lead magnets is to obtain contact information. The target audience is tempted with something that appeals to them. The lead magnet is relevant and potentially problem-solving. 

In any case, there is enough added value to convince the prospect to submit contact information. This data consists of at least a name and e-mail address. By obtaining this opt-in / consent, the first target has been achieved.

The success of lead magnets is not only determined by obtaining contact details.

Using marketing automation for follow-up

Now it is time to cultivate your lead. This process can be fully automated by using automation tools. This allows you to organize a series of sequential interactions. For instance by an automated flow of e-mails or follow-ups through other channels.

E-mail remains a powerful method for cultivating leads in life sciences & health when applied correctly. You can get the attention without imposing yourself. Something you definitely do when calling or bannering. In addition, the recipient can decide when to take a look at the information.

Follow-up activities can be triggered based on the lead’s interaction with the content. Extra insight is obtained into the interactions due to the automation tools. This enables the marketer to optimize the flow. Leads that have gone through the process eventually end up being ‘sales qualified’. By now they are more familiar with the organization and its services. Sales will also know exactly through which magnet and followup interactions the lead came in. This entire process results in a better conversion.
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