HCP Lead Generation: 5 questions to our Director Jesse Gosse

Jesse Gosse is the Director of Medical Digitals. In addition to many other tasks, he and his team work on inbound marketing strategies for companies within Life Sciences & Health (LSH) on a daily basis. In this blog, we ask Jesse 5 questions about his vision on inbound marketing and lead generation.

Is there a digital transition going on in the LSH sector?

There was a time when sales reps in the LSH industry could rely almost entirely on cold calling new HCP leads. At the time, the pharmaceutical and medical device industry had little need for large-scale marketing efforts. However, those days have largely passed since the digital transition. COVID-19 has also greatly accelerated this development. For the LSH sector, this is the time to catch up in the digital field, especially in the directions of lead generation and inbound marketing.

What is outbound sales?

Traditional marketing channels are cold calling, mass advertising, trade shows and direct mail. Within these channels the focus is on the mass distribution of marketing messages to the target audience. These proactive outbound sales methods are designed to reach a large number of lower-converting leads and generate interest with the goal of acquiring new clients.

What is inbound lead generation?

An inbound lead generation campaign is a content-based approach with the aim of acquiring new leads. These types of campaigns are usually aimed at answering the questions that a potential lead has in his or her customer journey.

The big difference with outbound sales is that inbound marketing has a “you-come-to-me” approach, as opposed to the intrusive nature of outbound sales. Inbound marketing has a focus on SEO, content creation and thought leadership in the industry. Offering knowledge and added value comes first, direct sales second. Potential clients are attracted by what you have to offer and come especially for your content. This results in higher quality leads, more conversions and a strategy that benefits from the digital transformation. 

Are sales still important in applying such a strategy?

Sure. The inbound methodology may prioritize providing relevant content over raw sales, but sales remains an important part of the process. First of all, leads are attracted by free, relevant content through inbound marketing. Then these leads must be pulled further down the funnel by smart sales. Think of well thought-out contact moments, in which high-quality sales content is delivered. In this process, the lead must be converted to a client. The power of sales in combination with relevant content from the inbound marketing strategy is indispensable in this.

Do you have any tips for companies that are working on this?

Make a plan that includes: 

  • Research into your target group in which its information needs become clear 
  • The customer journey of your target group 
  • A clear content strategy 

Then you can start creating awareness by making your content visible and collecting new leads with the right lead magnets. After this it is time to deploy lead nurturing and sales to actually get new clients.

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