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Twitter is a powerful social media channel to engage healthcare professionals, simply because a lot of them are active on this channel. Content on Twitter is short, fast and usually has a real-time character, therefore, a perfect medium for companies to respond to current events or to bring out company news.

Why is Twitter advertising effective for HCPs?

Why is Twitter advertising effective for HCPs?

Twitter is a very interactive social media channel. In addition to reading and sending information, Twitter users often engage in conversations with each other. For example, some HCPs share or comment on tweets from key opinion leaders, or ask questions to colleagues. As a company in the LSH sector, you can also be part of this conversation. Even if you do not have a large follower base yet. By advertising on Twitter you can still reach a big part of your target audience.

There are a couple of different ways to advertise on Twitter. Below, we will elaborate on three formats that are often used by LSH companies.

Promoted accounts

You can use this advertising format to generate new followers. This ad format provides suggestions to Twitter users to follow new, interesting accounts. If you choose this form of advertising, your account (in combination with a short description) will appear in the timeline of your target audience.

Because this advertising format’s purpose is to generate new followers, Twitter uses a cost-per-follower (CPF) principle. In other words: you only pay when someone from your target audience starts following your account.

Promoted Tweets

Like promoted accounts, promoted Tweets are displayed in a user’s timeline. As the name suggests, these are advertisements similar to regular Tweets. It is an ideal advertising format to increase your Tweets’ reach and stimulate interaction with your target audience. When you create a promoted Tweet, you can choose from different objectives; for example:

● Reach
● Video views
● Website clicks
● Engagement
● App installations

Trend takeovers

The last format of advertising is trend takeovers. Contrary to the previously discussed advertising formats, trend takeovers are not displayed in a user’s timeline but on the Twitter homepage. This homepage shows the top 10 topics currently widely discussed on the platform, also called trending topics. Promoting trends makes it possible to “buy” such a trending topic. On a desktop, you will find the trending topics on the right side of your screen. Users who click on a trending topic will see many different tweets related to that topic. A sponsored tweet from an advertiser always appears at the top of the search results.

Reach your target audience with hyper segmentation

Reach your target audience with hyper segmentation

To keep ahead of new developments, healthcare professionals often follow companies or key opinion leaders (KOLs) in their industry. At Medical Digitals, we use a technique that allows us to map out which KOLs, companies or news media an HCP follows on Twitter. By applying this technique, we can determine with great certainty to which professional group a Twitter user belongs. We can explain this with an example:

● A user follows FDA Oncology, Society of Surgical Oncology and Oncology Advance; these are several news sites about oncology.

● In addition, this person follows two pharmaceutical companies active in the field of oncology.

● This person also follows Gordon Freeman and Paolo Ascierto, two leading oncologists.

Based on this data, we can conclude that this person is not just interested in oncology, but is very likely to work in this field. This way, lists of relevant persons are created, which we manually enter within the “advertising interface” of Twitter. We can also use the information we obtain via Twitter to reach HCPs on other social media channels.

Our experienced advertising specialists at Medical Digitals would be happy to help you set up or optimise Twitter advertising campaigns. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Mail to or call 020-3080208.

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