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Our team basically consists of copywriters with medical experience. Sometimes, a client wants to communicate specific medical information. In that case, we use our network of medical writers. We select a medical writer who is specialised in the relevant indication area.
We are familiar with the regulations relating to drug promotion. Every country has different regulations. We have our own Academy to anticipate this. In this internal training, we train colleagues in how the legislation and regulations in each country relates to online marketing.
There are many factors to consider when trying to reach HCPs online. Take the regulations relating to drug promotion, for example, or the sometimes complex target group segmentation. Reaching HCPs online requires a different approach than ordinary B2B marketing. We therefore have different strategies for different objectives. Hyper segmentation on LinkedIn and Twitter is one example.
Medical Digitals is Google Partner. This means that we have a dedicated account manager at Google who helps us set up and design campaigns where necessary. Being a Google Partner requires certain certificates. For that reason, our colleagues are trained at the Google office in Amsterdam. The partnership also requires us to spend enough budget on campaigns and that our click-through-rate (CTR) is high enough to generate sufficient quality. We have certificates for Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
Our approach in brief: first we study the product, segment, company, the market and target group. After that, we determine the online goal, derived from the company's objective. Now it's time to establish KPIs which will enable us to make the online objective measurable. In an online marketing strategy, we then describe the most effective way to reach the target group and achieve the objective with a selection of online channels and media. We subsequently implement the strategy ourselves, in partnership with the client.
Medical Digitals is originally a Dutch company. But we've been growing fast. In recent years, we've also worked on European projects. We now develop and implement campaigns all over Europe. In doing so, we take country-specific factors into account, like language, culture and the related media strategy. We coordinate everything from our office in Amsterdam.
Our services are all related to communication concerning disease awareness campaigns and reaching HCPs online. It all starts with an in-depth study and a clear strategy. The strategy will reveal which services are required for a successful campaign. To do this, we use search engine marketing to stimulate website traffic to a hospital website, for example, social media marketing to direct HCPs via LinkedIn to a closed platform, we create both textual and visual content (animations, infographics, etc.) and we develop and implement website platforms and applications.
Yes. Sometimes our clients don't have the relevant digital expertise in house. It can then be useful to hire one of our colleagues for a certain period. He or she can then connect the digital strategy to the applicable processes of the client. This is useful when the strategy has been finalised and the campaign needs to be rolled out. But also in other situations, such as filling in during maternity leave or when a colleague suddenly leaves.
Yes, we work for different clients for the same indication. In that case, we separate the strategies of the different companies, so that we can design unique campaigns. To promote creativity and enhance our knowledge level, we ensure that colleagues never work for two different clients for the same medical indication. We will only actively share information when it concerns specialist knowledge about a medical indication area.


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