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Reaching HCPs with social advertising: the ultimate guide

67% of healthcare professionals is digital native and collects their information online. For more and more companies in the Life Sciences & Health sector, online advertising is the best method to generate visibility and website traffic or to stimulate interaction in the short term. Especially social advertising is gaining popularity. Social media platforms have access to a lot of relevant user data, which makes it possible to create very specific advertisements.

You can use this whitepaper as a guide describing the main advertising features of LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. For each channel we describe how to reach healthcare professionals through advertising.

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How do yo reach HCPs online?

Do you work as a marketer in the Life Sciences & Health sector and do you want to know more about reaching healthcare professionals online? This whitepaper helps you generate leads within an HCP target group. You can use it for various purposes, such as:

  • Generate opt-ins on a private HCP platform;
  • Get more registrations for an e-learning or webinar;
  • Community growth on social media;
  • More subscribers to a newsletter.

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How do you use social media to reach patients?

One of the most effective ways to reach patients is through a disease awareness campaign. For a Life Sciences & Health organization, such a campaign often aims to indirectly create awareness around a (new) treatment or medicine. There are numerous possibilities to start an online campaign for a disease. In most cases, we know from experience, a platform is central. This is the source where all the information is, and which is linked to other online channels. Social media is often the main source of traffic to such a platform.

In this whitepaper we explain how to use social media within a disease awareness campaign. To be clear, there are more options to reach patients. This whitepaper specifically helps with the use of social media channels for the target group ‘patients’.