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Disease awareness

Why disease awareness?

Due to regulations, it is not possible for LSH companies to communicate their prescription drugs directly to patients. Other ways will have to be devised to get them to the right patients, for example, through a disease awareness campaign. By informing patients about a condition, you ensure that they are empowered and perhaps look broader than the treatment they are receiving at that time (or in the future). More below about such a campaign.

Disease awareness campaign

One of the most effective ways to reach patients is through a disease awareness campaign. For a Life Sciences & Health organization, such a campaign often aims to indirectly create awareness about a (new) treatment or medicine. There are numerous options for setting up an online campaign for a disease. In most cases, as we know from experience, a platform is central. This is the source where all the information is, and which is linked to by other online channels. Social media is often the main source of traffic to such a platform.

In this whitepaper we explain how to use social media within a disease awareness campaign. Just to be clear: there are more options to reach patients. This manual specifically helps with the use of social media channels for the target group “patients”.

Target group research: create personas

When creating content, designing social channels, determining the frequency, etcetera, it is useful to bring your target group to life. You can do this by drawing up one or more buyer personas. A buyer persona is a stereotypical description of the ideal customer (groups) and provides insight into the wishes and needs of the target group. A buyer persona personifies the patient target group and can be based on age, place of residence, income, hobbies or interests, etcetera. 

KPIs and conversions

Awareness around a condition is difficult to measure. It is certainly possible, but it needs (costly) conducted research among large groups of people. That is why it is more convenient to come up with measurable KPIs and conversions for a disease awareness campaign. For example, you can integrate downloadable items on a clinical picture website. Think of a brochure with tips on how to live with the condition or registering for an online consultation with a doctor. Naturally, patient data must be stored very carefully and in accordance with the guidelines. Your KPIs depend on the conversion points: with which results is the campaign a success?