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Digital PR

What is digital PR?

Digital PR is about the online activity that you put into your “digital appearance”. An unambiguous and powerful corporate communication strategy ensures more trust, engagement and positive brand appreciation among both internal and external target groups. It is therefore important to take this seriously. Partly because the images of many Life Sciences & Health companies are under a magnifying glass, it is essential in this sector to work strategically and professionally.

The website: the online calling card of your company

For most companies, a website is the center of all online activities. Most people will firstly check the website for company information before checking other channels (such as social media). See your website therefore as the online business card of your company. This means that it must look professional, be functionally practical and, above all, convey the feeling of your organization well. It is useful to get advice from an expert to get the most out of your website.

Corporate social media

In addition to a strong website, social media is an important means of corporate communication. Within Life Sciences & Health, however, the presence of Dutch company pages on social media is limited. Especially the Dutch divisions of large organizations hide behind the global accounts of the head office. This is a shame, because a company page is a fast and personal channel to communicate with the target group about company updates, background information, news or other developments.

In this whitepaper we discuss the different stages of setting up a business page. Do you work as a marketer in the Life Sciences & Health sector and do you want answers to questions such as:

  • Which channel suits your objectives and target group;
  • How do you create quality corporate content;
  • How do you ensure rapid growth of a business page?

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