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Many Life Sciences & Health organizations use (online) marketing to reach HCPs or patients. What in some cases receives less attention is communication towards corporate target audiences. By using effective corporate communication, you ensure that your company gets a good (online) image. A professional website and other online channels play essential roles in this. For example, see your website as the online business card of your company. What feeling do you want to evoke in visitors? What do you want to tell them? And what do you want to radiate? By setting up a good, coordinated mix of online channels, you ensure that you effectively reach corporate target audiences such as stakeholders & potential investors, current & new personnel, HCPs & patients, etcetera.

Research, Strategy & Concept


There are three important phases when setting up an online campaign: research, strategy and concept. In the research phase, we look at the current online landscape. Suppose a Dutch pharmaceutical company wants to upgrade the corporate social media channels. The current channels are outdated and mainly repost content from main international accounts. In such a case, it is important to know how the competition handles this. And what kind of social content the target audiences need. In the research phase, these types of issues are investigated so that the strategy can be based on facts.


Extensive research is in fact the start of the strategy phase. It’s now time for strategic considerations, an in-depth study of theoretical models, selection of channels, etc. The intensity of this phase varies with each project. One client is keen to build on an existing online strategy, while another prefers to develop a strategy from scratch. In the example above, the strategy provides insight into relevant channels for corporate social media activities. The strategy also explains how the corporate target audiences can be reached and which tone-of-voice and visual style are appropriate.


In the concept phase, our creatives start work. They read the research and the strategy and give full rein to their creativity. For us, this is one of the most enjoyable phases. Brainstorming sessions generate ideas about the concept of, for example, a corporate communication campaign. This includes images and textual expressions.


Many corporate websites of Life Sciences & Health organisations are outdated. We still see non-responsive websites, non-user-friendly tools and dead links. Many web designs are also very old fashioned. We understand that many local corporate websites are bound to rules from the global organisation. That makes it an interesting challenge for us to update and modernise an old corporate website. There are often more options than you think. A while ago, we wrote an analysis blog about 5 corporate websites of pharmacists.

Product websites or product-specific pages within own domain
We are also experienced in creating product websites and product pages. These might include websites and pages which have their own visual style and perhaps functions to promote products.

High traffic & complex CMS

For European online campaigns, we encounter high volumes of traffic on one domain. Our systems, and the specialists behind them, guarantee that high traffic runs smoothly. We are also familiar with complex Content Management Systems (CMS). Over the years, we have got to know multiple systems, such as WordPress, Drupal, Umbraco, October and Sitecore. Furthermore, our talented developers are quickly able to adapt to new systems.

Content on the website

Usually, we don’t just design and build platforms, we also provide all the content on them. This ensures a fast lead time for the project. That might include the website texts as well as photography, animations and videos. Alongside an entire team of copywriters, medical writers, designers, animators and photographers, we develop content for online applications.


Content is the main theme in every online campaign we implement. We develop:

  • Website texts
  • Blogs
  • Whitepapers
  • Banners
  • Social posts
  • Animation videos
  • Videos

We are specialized in textual and visual content for corporate target audiences of Life Sciences & Health organizations. These audiences require a specific approach, because you are dealing with many different types of people. You want to communicate with investors and HCPs, but at the same time with future personnel. The challenge is therefore to organize content in such a way that all target audiences are addressed. A clear content strategy is essential for this to be successful.

Online copywriters & medical writers

Our team includes online copywriters and medical writers. This combination ensures that texts are medically correct, read well and match the target group. This is essential in the Life Sciences & Health sector and we are uniquely aware of this. If the project requires it, one of our search engine specialists joins the team to write texts that are optimised for Google.

Online design

Besides text writers, our team also includes online designers who create house styles, animate videos and design social posts. These designers are involved in a campaign or project from the start. They create the visual style and apply this to the various content forms.


In addition to reaching HCPs and patients, you can also use social media for corporate communication. In Life Sciences & Health, the presence of Dutch company pages on social media is limited. The Dutch divisions of large organizations in particular are hiding behind the global accounts of the head office. This is a shame, because a company page is a fast and personal channel to communicate with the target group about company updates, background information, news or other developments.


Social advertising

Social media platforms have access to a lot of user data. This makes it possible to target very specifically. Every social media platform therefore offers the possibility to use advertising. One platform may do this more extensively than another.

In this whitepaper, we cover all social media advertising options of LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Google Ads

Due to the speed of online, people expect to receive an answer to their question in seconds. An HCP won’t therefore go to page two of Google. So, make sure that your content is posted near the top of the first page. Search Engine Advertising (SEA) makes this possible. This specialism ensures that your website appears directly above the organic search results. After performing the keyword research, we know exactly which search terms your target group uses. This means that the advertisement is only shown if the HCP uses specific search terms, improving the relevance of impressions and clicks. Our specialists know where advertisements may be placed or not and can write advertising texts in such a way that we comply with legislation without missing out on results.

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