7 objectives of a business page on social media within Life Sciences & Health

There are many different reasons why a company wants to be visible on social media. To start with, a business page is a fast communication channel with which an organization can differentiate itself from the competition. However, this is more a tool than an objective. In this blog, we take a closer look at some possible objectives of a business page on social media.

Increase brand awareness

In the Netherlands, almost everyone is active on one or more social media platforms.

If you look at the number of Dutch users, social media is a suitable channel to increase your brand awareness. Share relevant content with your target audience and build a community. When followers like or share posts, your content spreads like wildfire. Social advertising can help if you don’t have many followers yet. With an advertisement of 100 euros on social media, you can easily reach thousands of healthcare professionals, patients or other stakeholders. In addition to a large reach, advertising ensures faster growth of your business page.

Reputation management

Not every industry enjoys a good reputation. Some people, for example, think badly about the “Big Pharma”. With a business page it is possible to compete against a bad industry image and to monitor and improve your own company reputation. As a pharmaceutical or manufacturer of medical devices, you can, for example, propagate a positive contribution to the world.

Thought leadership

Thousands of healthcare professionals use LinkedIn and Twitter daily to stay informed of interesting articles in their field. In addition, they discuss relevant topics with their colleagues online. LinkedIn and Twitter have therefore become important channels for distributing content, such as webinars or whitepapers. Show followers that your company is an expert and understands the needs of the target audience. This can be done by producing good quality and relevant content. In other words, become an authority within the industry.

Interact with the target audience

Social media is not only intended to send information. On the contrary. The short communication lines make room for interaction. By monitoring other people’s content, responding to comments daily and participating in discussions, an organization can show its interest in the target audience. A relationship with followers is the result. This will improve the number of likes, comments and shares on the business page.

Generate website traffic

A website is often the centre of the online marketing machine. The target audience ends up on the website through various entrance gates, such as Google. An increasing entrance gate is social media. In addition to creating awareness, social media is an excellent channel for generating website traffic.

Lead generation

As we described above, social media is ideal for referring followers to a landing page where you offer one or more lead magnets. A lead magnet must represent a certain value for the target group. People don’t just give their contact details. Some commonly used lead magnets are whitepapers, e-learnings, webinars, infographics or tutorials.

Employer branding

Employer branding roughly consists of two parts: making / keeping current employees enthusiastic and attracting new talent. For example, by posting messages on social media about satisfied employees (interviews, testimonials, quotes, etc.), current staff feel heard and employees feel that they belong to a larger whole. In addition, social media (especially LinkedIn) offers various options for attracting new talent.

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10 tips to manage a successful corporate social media page within Life Sciences & Health

In addition to reaching HCPs and patients, you can also use social media for corporate communication. Within Life Sciences & Health, the presence of Dutch company pages on social media is limited. This is a shame, because a company page is a fast and personal channel to communicate about company updates, background information, news or other developments. In our view, a company page of a Life Sciences & Health organisation should at least meet the following ten points. Get started or get help from a specialist!

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