3 tips for formulating patient target groups for a social media campaign

There are many different conditions, and therefore many different patients. That is why it is important to properly describe target audiences before you launch a social media campaign for patients. In this blog, we share three tips for formulating target groups for your social media (advertising) campaign.

Divide the target group into different sub audiences

A patient target group is often seen as one large group of people with the same condition. In a way, this is true, but there are differences between the patients in a large group. Think, for example, of patients who are young and may have little to no problems with their condition. Or patients who are a little older and deal with it every day. Even though these two groups share the same illness, both groups need a different approach with different content. In addition to this, certain target groups may be easier to reach one channel than others, and the effective frequency for the posts may differ.

When creating target groups for a social media campaign, it is essential to know how many patients from the target group (s) are active on social media. This is the starting point for setting measurable objectives. For example, you can check the size of the (segmentation) target group (or: the potential reach) on Facebook and Instagram via the Ads Manager of Facebook.

Give each sub-audience a value

If your target audience is divided into different sub-target groups, it is smart to sort them by value. Which group is most important for the campaign? Which target group, for example, is difficult to reach offline, and offers an opportunity to get in touch with online? About which target group do you have the most information? Are you already in contact with one of your target groups? That target group may need less attention than the other groups. The different values ​​of the sub-groups offer the opportunity to properly organize your content distribution, choose a frequency for posting and allocate budgets if you want to use social advertising.

Create personas

When creating content, designing social channels, determining the frequency, etc., it is useful to bring your target group to life. You can do this by creating one or more buyer personas. A buyer persona is a stereotypical description of the ideal customer (groups) and provides insight into the wishes and needs of the target group. A buyer persona personifies the patient target group and can be created based on age, place of residence, income, hobbies or interests.

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