10 tips to manage a successful corporate social media page within Life Sciences & Health

In addition to reaching HCPs and patients, you can also use social media for corporate communication. Within Life Sciences & Health, the presence of Dutch company pages on social media is limited. This is a shame, because a company page is a fast and personal channel to communicate about company updates, background information, news or other developments. In our view, a company page of a Life Sciences & Health organisation should at least meet the following ten points. Get started or get help from a specialist!

Tip 1

Create a clear, high quality profile photo (logo) and cover photo that fits the organization.

Tip 2

Write a catchy bio with only the most important information about the company and publish the correct general information (contact details, etc.)

Tip 3

Define your target audiences and create different content themes based on this information.

Tip 4

Create a visual style for the social media posts that fits the organisation.

Tip 5

Create a tone-of-voice that is reflected in all messages. By doing so, you’ll write all content in the organisation’s language.

Tip 6

Pay attention to publishing your content. For example: is the most important information readable before the “read more” button? Is it necessary to put the link in the post? Which hashtags and mentions are relevant?

Tip 7

Plan the content systematically. For example: what events are relevant to post about? And what is the best time of the day to publish?

Tip 8

Encourage interaction by including questions in your posts.

Tip 9

Reply to questions or comments! This seems logical, but in many cases we still see a lot of comments to stay unanswered. So make sure that someone is responsible for webcare.

Tip 10

Social media is a fast medium. Therefore, do not stick too much to previously created content themes. Current events or developments within the organisation may require a new content theme. In addition, ensure that you take a critical look at current content themes every now and then: are these themes still relevant for your target audiences?

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